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The powerful and complex composition "live.exe" by Alpha Lighting System is the co-winner of Serj Tankian's 7 Notes music challenge. Listen to this hybrid rock song from Mexico.

Alpha Lighting System
life.exe - Alam Gabriel Hernández Ramírez/Alpha Lighting System [Mexico] Rock
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The powerful and resonant lyrical piece "Here I Come" by Mariam Petrosian is the co-winner of the 7 Notes music challenge. Listen to this indie hybrid song from Armenia.

Mariam Petrosian
Here I Come - Mariam Petrosian [Armenia]
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Prominent Armenian musician Ara Gevorgyan was also inspired by Serj Tankian's 7 Notes. He wrote "You have to Fly" and dedicated it to children everywhere.

Ara Gevorgyan
You Have to Fly - Ara Gevorgyan [Armenia] Classical
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Born and raised in Morocco, Mounir Bouchaibi was inspired by a rich local musical culture – and by the Heavy Metal wave of the 90s. Listen to "Brownies and Cookies."

Mounir Bouchaibi
Brownies & Cookies - Mounir Bouchaibi [Morocco] Rock
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Tigran Ayvazyan has masterfully transformed Serj Tankian's 7 Notes into a passionate flamenco. Enjoy the colorful canvas "Siete notas Siete colores."

Tigran Ayvazyan
Siete notas Siete colores - Tigran Ayvazyan [Armenia] Latin
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Vardan Harutyunyan, a master of electro-acoustic music, presented an instrumental composition inspired by the local folktales. Listen to "An Old Fairy Tale" – a quickly changing and dynamic vision of 7 Notes.

Vardan Harutyunyan
An Old Fairy Tale - Vardan Harutyunyan [Armenia] Classical
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Los Angeles-based Armenian guitarist and composer Vahagni has an unusual take on the 7 Notes. His "7 gestures" is a beautiful interpretation.

Micro Gestures - Vahagni [USA]
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Wellington-based composer and vocalist Briar Prastiti brought together a feeling of love, pain, and magic in an alternative ethnic composition "Only Time."

Briar Prastiti
Only Time - Briar Prastiti [New Zealand]
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Music composer, producer, and singer Aidin Davoudi presents his symphonic vision of Serj Tankian's 7 Notes. Listen to this mystical struggle – "Suicide of Death, Beginning of Life".

Aidin Davoudi
Suicide of Death, Beginning of Life - Aidin Davoudi [USA] Classical
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Tediz & Kilacrash, a rock band from Chile, delivers a powerful message of sacrifice and liberation. Listen to "Life and Death."

Tediz & Kilacrash
Life and Death - Tediz & Kilacrash [Chile] Rock
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It's been only a year since Ilya Marfin started to compose. But his composition for Serj Tankian's 7 Notes music challenge made the Top 100. 

Ilya Marfin
Mysterious Future - Ilya Marfin [Russia] Classical
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Niklas Kummeneje and Jon Eid are Norway-based musicians and members of Saga-City band. Listen to "The Eye That Sees" and discover the hidden elements of sound, such as the sound of a big hollow cave with touches of dripping water.

The Eye That Sees - Saga-City [Norway] Hip Hop / Rap
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German pianist, singer and composer Veit Vergara has been playing the piano since the age of 8. Listen to "Defragmentation of a Composer’s Mind" – an experiment with the digitalized way of analyzing and creating music in the modern world.

Veit Vergara
Defragmentation of a Composer’s Mind - Veit Vergara [Germany] Classical
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All Reitz Reserved is Luxemburg-based musician Chris Reitz’ first instrumental solo project. Listen to "KLOK" – a collection of sounds, layered, looped melodies and grooves that developed out of a simple musical idea.

Christophe Reitz
KLOK - Christophe Reitz [Luxembourg] Electronic
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Royal Academy of Music alumnus Van Sarkissian is one of the most inventive guitarists and composers of his generation. Listen to "Let Things Fall" – a story about the struggle of living life.

Van Sarkissian
Let Things Fall - Van Sarkissian [Armenia] Electronic
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Syune Ghazaryan draws her inspiration from the mountains of the homeland and its noble beauty. Listen to Syune's first ever composition – "Road to the sun" – a call to never give up, but hope and love more. 

Syune Ghazaryan
Road to the Sun - Syune Ghazaryan [Armenia] Rock
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Seda and Tathevik are sisters from Armenia who write music for films, animations, and games. Listen to the Hayrapetyan sisters' "Remember and demand."

Seda & Tathevik Hayrapetyan
Remember and Demand - Seda & Tathevik Hayrapetyan [Armenia] Classical
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US-based half-Armenian musician Nick Kepron created a song with the elements of Armenian folk music and his own style of avant-garde jazz fusion. Listen to "yot'" – a story of freedom, love and returning home to one’s heart.​

Nick Kepron​
yot' - Nick Kepron [USA]
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Cygnus Flare is a London-based trio with international roots (Arman Vardanyan, David Horler, Caroline Scott), creating unique flavors of progressive latin-jazz music. The name of the song was prophetic, as while submitting it, they were literally "Counting Seconds" to make it by the deadline.

Arman Vardanyan
Counting Seconds - Arman Vardanyan [UK] Jazz
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The 7 Notes music challenge by Serj Tankian has inspired Duddu to bring to life some of his projects by creating the band A Siege of Grey. Listen to “Country of Me” – a fun tribute to Serj Tankian and System of a Down.

Country of Me - Duddu [Romania] Rock
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Aurélien Tomasi is a saxophonist, clarinetist, composer, and arranger who leads the swing band Les Royal Pickles based in Canada. Listen to "La Danse du Pélican" – a wobbly waltz creating some asymmetric dances.

Aurélien Tomasi
La Danse du Pélican - Aurélien Tomasi [Canada]
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Reese Ortenberg is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and musician out of Long Island, who has professionally recorded an EP and is in the process of finishing his first solo album. Listen to "Seven" – a progressive rock composition by the 17-year-old musician.

Reese Ortenberg
Seven - Reese Ortenberg [USA] Rock
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Rigoberto Alvarado is a Nicaraguan musician influenced mainly by jazz, neo-soul, and rock. Because of the hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, Rigoberto recorded the song "The Love You Want" in under 24 hours.

Rigoberto Alvarado
The Love you Want - Rigoberto Alvarado [Nicaragua] Jazz
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Dawid Buras is a musician and composer who does not confine himself to just one genre of music. Listen to "The Escape" – a cinematic composition of unprecedented musical atmosphere and sound.

Dawid Buras
The Escape - Dawid Buras [Poland] Experimental
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Australian-based the Zela Margossian Quintet mainly performs original works composed by Zela Margossian. Listen to "Shounch" – a fusion of folk and jazz influenced by Armenian and Middle Eastern traditional music.

Zela Margossian
Shounch - Zela Margossian [Australia] Jazz
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Y$57 is a musician and producer from Miami who likes to experiment with house music, rap, trap, nu-metal, and rock. Listen to "Collateral Beauty" – a mixture of two personalities suddenly combined to make a beautiful art piece.

Y$57 [Santiago Vargas]
Collateral Beauty - Y$57 [Santiago Vargas] [USA] Hip-Hop / Rap
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Future biological engineer Artashes Baghdasaryan has a musical background as a pianist and saxophone player. Listen to "Prelude in C Moll" – a powerful classical piece from Armenia. 

Artashes Baghdasaryan
Prelude in c moll - Artashes Baghdasaryan [Armenia] Classical
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Suren Poghosov has studied Philosophy and Journalism, but he is passionate about music as he plays the guitar, sings and arranges music. Listen to "Forsaken Minds" – the collision of norms and the desire to create one's own heaven.

Suren Poghosov
Forsaken Mind - Suren Poghosov [Armenia] Rock
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Internationally recognized composer and violinist Ruben Aghiyan is a member of the Music Teacher’s Association of California and a recent member of the National Association of Composers/USA. Listen to “Meditation” – a journey to the universe of miracles and limitless imagination.

Ruben Aghiyan
Meditation - Ruben Aghiyan [USA] Classical
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David Currie is an Australian composer with the passion towards cinematic and orchestral music. Listen to "7 Note Concerto" an exploration and development of the 7 notes by Serj Tankian.

David Currie
7 Note Concerto - David Currie [Australia] Classical
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Armen Sahakyan and Roman Namalyan study together at Komitas State Conservatory of Yerevan. Listen to "Pursuit" – an interpretation of a sequence of themes confronting and pursuing each other and creating a rebellious mood.

Armen Sahakyan & Roman Namalyan
Pursuit - Armen Sahakyan, Roman Namalyan [Armenia] Experimental
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Gurur Bozkurt was a finalist of our 60-second film challenge. Listen to his composition "Limbo" – a Top 100 finalist in our Seven Notes Music Challenge.

Gurur Bozkurt
Limbo - Gurur Bozkurt [Turkey] Rock
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Singer-composer-producer Sergey Umroyan is the founder and the director of the Armenian National Music company and the executive director of QuarterTone. Listen to "Deliverance" – a revolt against all wars in the Middle East.

Sergey Umroyan
Deliverance - Sergey Umroyan [Armenia] Classical
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Artyom Manukyan & Dawatile Kiledjian compose in USA and France. Their HILA project was born in Los Angeles, and "Uncle Henry's Song" is their contribution to the 7 Notes Music Challenge. 

Artyom Manukyan & Dawatile Kiledjian
Uncle Henry's Song - Artyom Manukyan, Dawatile Kiledjian [USA] Jazz
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Yair Even-Haim is an Israeli composer, lyricist, vocalist, and a leader of the Screwup project. His song "Time Will Tell" was written in the span of 15 minutes to celebrate a friend’s 30th birthday. 

Yair Even-Haim
Time Will Tell - Yair Even-Haim [Israel] Rock
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Patricia Torres combines autobiographical songwriting with electronic landscapes with an ear to helping others in trouble. Listen to "Prototype" – a call to create and follow your own dreams. 

Patricia Torres
Prototype - Patricia Torres [USA] Electronic
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PapaFaxe (Martin Fuchs) is an Austria-based musician who has written more than 20 songs – but this is his first recording. Listen to "I’m alive" – a refugee's address to the Western world. 

PapaFaxe [Martin Fuchs]
I'm Alive - PapaFaxe/Martin Fuchs [Austria] Rock
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Greg Hosharian is a composer, conductor, and keyboardist who leads the Armenian Pops Orchestra, based in Los Angeles. Listen to "The Magic Sun" – an intersection of progressive rock, classical melodies, and jazz harmonies.

Greg Hosharian
The Magic Sun - Greg Hosharian [USA] Rock
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Alaztair Godfrey is an electronic music producer based in Melbourne, soon to release his first EP "Missing in Time." Listen to "Collective Consciousness" – an electronic response to Serj Tankian's challenge. 

Alaztair Godfrey
Collective Consciousness - Alaztair Godfrey [Australia]
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Andre Avanessian is a UK-based musician exploring orchestration and composing techniques across diverse styles. Listen to "The Forgotten" – a bold yet coherent blend of orchestral, rock, jazz fusion and electronic music.

Andre Avanessian
The Forgotten - Andre Avanessian [UK] Rock
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Agnesa & Arina are sisters from Armenia. Listen to "Mess" – a piece inspired by their admiration of George Gershwin and Dave Brubeck. ​

Arina & Agnesa Isahakyan
Mess - Arina & Agnesa Isahakyan [Armenia] Experimental
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Kostas Danaktsis is a guitar player from Greece and a founding member and chief songwriter of the heavy rock band "Astray." Listen to "Waves Lappin’ on My Boat" – a meditation on the dark power of bad thoughts. 

Kostas Danaktsis
Waves Lappin’ on My Boat - Kostas Kostas Danaktsis [Greece] Jazz
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Jonathan Gerow is a musician whose songs take on life, depression, and love. Listen to "Plugged in Sinn" – a devil-orchestrated game experienced by the artist. 

Jonathan Gerow
Plugged in Sinn - Jonathan Gerow [USA] Rock
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Noah Young studies Bassoon Performance and Sacred Music/Organ at Seton Hall University. Listen to "Fugue in C Minor" – a classical expression of the artist's passion for the baroque style. 

Noah Young
Fugue in C Minor - Noah Young [USA] Classical
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Ara Woland is a musician, actor, and filmmaker now living in the U.S. Listen to "Highlands" – a deeply rooted nostalgia for a time, a place, and a childhood lost in the clouds of memory.

Ara Woland
Highlands - Ara Woland [USA / Armenia] Rock
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Lithuanian musician Victoria (Vica Ro) plays piano and guitar, and sings as a means of relaxation. Listen to "Get out" – a song that was written 7 years ago and adjusted for the 7 Notes Challenge by Serj Tankian.

Viktorija Rogozina
Get Out - Viktorija Rogozina [Lithuania] Electronic
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Artemios Angelos Kyrtasoglou is a guitarist and bassist from Greece. He studies music technology and performs in pubs. Listen to "Homeless Mistress" – a quest beyond our comfort zones. 

Artemios Angelos Kyrtasoglou
Homeless Mistress - Artemios Angelos Kyrtasoglou [Greece] Rock
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Ciranas is an instrumental composition project of the acoustic musician Charlie Pollard, whose aim is to evoke a fantastical and aural experience for all to enjoy. As in "Growing Shadows" – for the #7notesexperiment.

Charlie Pollard
Growing Shadows - Charlie Pollard [USA] Classical
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Correali and Fraga are the rock-driven Brazilian guitarists, composers, and great friends behind B-Twin Music Inc. Listen to "Serjão" – a synthesis of what the two musicians love most in music and in their people.

Dan Fraga & Thiago Correali
Serjão - Dan Fraga, Thiago Correali [Brazil] Experimental
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MB14 (Mohamed Belkhir) is a professional singer and beatboxer from France who makes music minus the instruments. Listen to "Journey from Nowhere" – a song composed out of the sounds of the artist's body.

MB14 (Mohamed Belkhir)
Journey to Nowhere - MB14 (Mohamed Belkhir) [France] Electronic
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Savvas Symeonidis is a self-taught musician, composer, lead singer and rhythm guitarist for Sun Seth. Listen to "Against the monster
" – an inner revolution.

Savvas Symeonidis
Against the Monster - Savvas Symeonidis [UK] Rock
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Hrachya Avanesian is an award-winning young musician who studied at Royal Conservatory of Brussels and Queen Elizabeth's College of Music. Listen to “Neanderthal Angst” – a vision of ancient times through the sounds of wildlife at night.

Hrachya Avanesian
Neanderthal Angst - Hrachya Avanesian [Belgium] Classical
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David King is a prog/horror composer who currently works with Spooky Jefferson’s Ideal Lunchbox. Listen to "Thirteen" – his dark and mystic creation for #7notesexperiment.

David King
Thirteen - David King [UK] Other
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Robert Taroyan, a songwriter and arranger from Armenia, composed multiple songs inspired by the 7 Notes before submitting "Inspiration" at the eleventh hour.

Robert Taroyan
Inspiration - Robert Taroyan [Armenia] Folk
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Cyril Peron-Dehghan is a French musician and composer who enjoys blending different musical influences in tune to elusive emotion. Listen to "Duality" – a “traditional” feeling mixed with a modern sound, light with dark, sanity with madness.

Cyril Peron-Dehghan
Duality - Cyril Peron-Dehghan [France] Instrumental
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Ruslan Bedoyan is the producer, songwriter, and vocalist for the band “the imPulse” – a musical projection of diverse and strange Los Angeles. Listen to "Era" – a cathartic release of political frustration.

Ruslan Bedoyan
Era - Ruslan Bedoyan [USA] Hip-Hop / Rap
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Stefano Pedullà is a musician, songwriter and producer from Italy. Listen to "Your love is my pain" – an anthem against brutality.

Stefano Pedullà
Your Love is My Pain - Stefano Pedullà [Italy] Pop
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Waleed Abdulrahman is a musician from the Kingdom of Bahrain, currently residing in Berlin, Germany, who enjoys making all kinds of music. Listen to "Serjazz" – a song that knows no limits.

Waleed Abdulrahman
Serjazz - Waleed Abdulrahman [Bahrain] Jazz
00:00 / 00:00

Ahmed AlSadek is an Egyptian writer and composer who enjoys creating classical pieces for the piano and sometimes - electronic music. Listen to "HoruSeth Desire" - an aggressive seductive conflict between the gods Horus and Seth.

Ahmed AlSadek
HoruSeth Desire - Ahmed AlSadek [Egypt] Other
00:00 / 00:00

Alex Gwynn is a young singer and songwriter from Spain, who plays guitar and harmonica. Listen to "Farewell" - the musician's call to his lost friend.

Alex Gwynn
Farewell - Alwx Gwynn [Spain] Pop
00:00 / 00:00

Alexis Georgopoulos is the lead singer of the Greek band The Invisible Surfers. Listen to "Lookin' up" - an instrumental mix of rock and/or roll.

The Invisible Surfers
Lookin' Up - The Invisible Surfers [Greece] Other
00:00 / 00:00

Alina Algebraistova, a singer and songwriter from Russia, has dedicated her song to an unpunished crime. Listen to "KRMV" - the tragic story of 17-year old beauty queen Svetlana Karamova, raped and murdered.

Alina Algebraistova
KRMV - Alina Algebraistova [Russia]
00:00 / 00:00

Alonso Zuñiga is a musician and entrepreneur from Peru. Listen to "Allegation" - a rock composition with bossa vibes.

Alonso Zuñiga
Allegation - Alonso Zuñiga [Peru] Rock
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Amaury de Rauglaudre, from France, is the founder of Mirror Box - a personal music project residing somewhere between indie, alternative and electronic. Just like "Cycles" - his experimental-electronic contribution to #7notesexperiment.

Amaury de Rauglaudre
Cycles - Amaury de Rauglaudre [France] Experimental
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Anahit Arushanyan (Hitta) is a prizewinning classical musician who has performed in concerts and festivals in over 25 countries. Listen to “Yes el chkam” (I No Longer Am) - an expression of loneliness and desperation.

Anahit Arushanyan
Yes el chkam - Anahit Arushanyan [Artsakh] Rock
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Andrés Montero is a US-based Colombian musician who has orchestrated music for films such as “Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children.” Listen to "Sweet and Spicy" - a sensual but mighty work of cello, mixed with a rhythmic pattern typical of both Asian and Colombian dance tunes.

Andrés Montero
Sweet and Spicy - Andrés Montero [Colombia / USA] Other
00:00 / 00:00

Arsen Boyajyan is one of the youngest participants of the 7 Notes Music Challenge. Listen to "Folk-Blues" - a jazz composition from Armenia.

Arsen Boyajyan
Folk-blues - Arsen Boyajyan [Armenia] Jazz
00:00 / 00:00

Arturo Avello Alarcón started to play after his brother left the house and forgot his guitar. Arturo took the guitar, customized it with Chilean figures, and has used it ever since. Listen to "Danza de la Mandolina" - an acoustic mix of accordion and strings.

Arturo Avello Alarcón
Danza de la Mandolina - Arturo Avello Alarcón [Chile] Other
00:00 / 00:00

Cecilia Moore is a saxophone player from Sweden, with a great love for improvisational and folk music of all kinds. Listen to "Snötäckt" - Swedish history "covered in snow."

Cecilia Moore
Snötäckt - Cecilia Moore [Sweden] Jazz
00:00 / 00:00

Ashkan Asgary is a passionate and masterly composer of electronic music. Listen to "Heptagon" - an electronic interpretation of the 7 Notes by the Iranian artist.

Ashkan Asgary
Heptagon - Ashkan Asgary [Iran] Electronic
00:00 / 00:00

Chris Van Booven is a vocalist and rhythm guitarist for the world/folk/Americana band, Consuelo’s Revenge, based in Rhode Island. Listen to “Lie Awake” - a call to action against homophobic bullying.

Chris van Booven
Lie Awake - Chris van Booven [USA] Rock
00:00 / 00:00

Damian Gomez is an Argentine musician who started to play metal as a hobby and ended up starting a professional career. Listen to "Part of the Change" - a rejection of love on earth.

Damian Gomez
Into the Light - Damian Gomez [Argentina] Rock
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Dániel Veszelei, a songwriter of the Hungarian band Orient Fall, doesn't limit himself to only one genre. Listen to "Into the Light" - an inner journey of broken barriers along many paths.

Dániel Veszelei
Into the Light - Dániel Veszelei [Hungary] Rock
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David Bayard aka Dee learned about the challenge only four days before the deadline, and he describes his song as an "unpolished beast". Listen to "OverFlow" - a journey from waltz to melodic tsunami.

David Bayard
OverFlow - David Bayard [Switzerland] Experimental
00:00 / 00:00

David Stiles is a composer and historian and intensely engaged in creating music with digital technology. Listen to "Adventure on a Seven Note Theme" - an orchestral piece in an adventurous, neo-romantic style.

David Stilles
Adventure on a Seven Note Theme - David Stilles [Canada] Classical
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David de Vent initially wrote two songs for the 7 Notes music challenge, and after days of work on the first one, it was impulsively scrapped and the second song, created in only a few hours, was submitted. Listen to "Dust" - a song that wrote itself.

David de Vent
Dust - David de Vent [Australia] Experimental
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