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The powerful and complex composition "live.exe" by Alpha Lighting System is the co-winner of Serj Tankian's 7 Notes music challenge. Listen to this hybrid rock song from Mexico.

Alpha Lighting System
life.exe - Alam Gabriel Hernández Ramírez/Alpha Lighting System [Mexico] Rock
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The powerful and resonant lyrical piece "Here I Come" by Mariam Petrosian is the co-winner of the 7 Notes music challenge. Listen to this indie hybrid song from Armenia.

Mariam Petrosian
Here I Come - Mariam Petrosian [Armenia]
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Prominent Armenian musician Ara Gevorgyan was also inspired by Serj Tankian's 7 Notes. He wrote "You have to Fly" and dedicated it to children everywhere.

Ara Gevorgyan
You Have to Fly - Ara Gevorgyan [Armenia] Classical
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Born and raised in Morocco, Mounir Bouchaibi was inspired by a rich local musical culture – and by the Heavy Metal wave of the 90s. Listen to "Brownies and Cookies."

Mounir Bouchaibi
Brownies & Cookies - Mounir Bouchaibi [Morocco] Rock
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Tigran Ayvazyan has masterfully transformed Serj Tankian's 7 Notes into a passionate flamenco. Enjoy the colorful canvas "Siete notas Siete colores."

Tigran Ayvazyan
Siete notas Siete colores - Tigran Ayvazyan [Armenia] Latin
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Vardan Harutyunyan, a master of electro-acoustic music, presented an instrumental composition inspired by the local folktales. Listen to "An Old Fairy Tale" – a quickly changing and dynamic vision of 7 Notes.

Vardan Harutyunyan
An Old Fairy Tale - Vardan Harutyunyan [Armenia] Classical
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Los Angeles-based Armenian guitarist and composer Vahagni has an unusual take on the 7 Notes. His "7 gestures" is a beautiful interpretation.

Micro Gestures - Vahagni [USA]
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Wellington-based composer and vocalist Briar Prastiti brought together a feeling of love, pain, and magic in an alternative ethnic composition "Only Time."

Briar Prastiti
Only Time - Briar Prastiti [New Zealand]
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Music composer, producer, and singer Aidin Davoudi presents his symphonic vision of Serj Tankian's 7 Notes. Listen to this mystical struggle – "Suicide of Death, Beginning of Life".

Aidin Davoudi
Suicide of Death, Beginning of Life - Aidin Davoudi [USA] Classical
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Tediz & Kilacrash, a rock band from Chile, delivers a powerful message of sacrifice and liberation. Listen to "Life and Death."

Tediz & Kilacrash
Life and Death - Tediz & Kilacrash [Chile] Rock
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It's been only a year since Ilya Marfin started to compose. But his composition for Serj Tankian's 7 Notes music challenge made the Top 100. 

Ilya Marfin
Mysterious Future - Ilya Marfin [Russia] Classical
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Niklas Kummeneje and Jon Eid are Norway-based musicians and members of Saga-City band. Listen to "The Eye That Sees" and discover the hidden elements of sound, such as the sound of a big hollow cave with touches of dripping water.

The Eye That Sees - Saga-City [Norway] Hip Hop / Rap
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German pianist, singer and composer Veit Vergara has been playing the piano since the age of 8. Listen to "Defragmentation of a Composer’s Mind" – an experiment with the digitalized way of analyzing and creating music in the modern world.

Veit Vergara
Defragmentation of a Composer’s Mind - Veit Vergara [Germany] Classical
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All Reitz Reserved is Luxemburg-based musician Chris Reitz’ first instrumental solo project. Listen to "KLOK" – a collection of sounds, layered, looped melodies and grooves that developed out of a simple musical idea.

Christophe Reitz
KLOK - Christophe Reitz [Luxembourg] Electronic
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Royal Academy of Music alumnus Van Sarkissian is one of the most inventive guitarists and composers of his generation. Listen to "Let Things Fall" – a story about the struggle of living life.

Van Sarkissian
Let Things Fall - Van Sarkissian [Armenia] Electronic
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Syune Ghazaryan draws her inspiration from the mountains of the homeland and its noble beauty. Listen to Syune's first ever composition – "Road to the sun" – a call to never give up, but hope and love more. 

Syune Ghazaryan
Road to the Sun - Syune Ghazaryan [Armenia] Rock
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Seda and Tathevik are sisters from Armenia who write music for films, animations, and games. Listen to the Hayrapetyan sisters' "Remember and demand."

Seda & Tathevik Hayrapetyan
Remember and Demand - Seda & Tathevik Hayrapetyan [Armenia] Classical
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US-based half-Armenian musician Nick Kepron created a song with the elements of Armenian folk music and his own style of avant-garde jazz fusion. Listen to "yot'" – a story of freedom, love and returning home to one’s heart.​

Nick Kepron​
yot' - Nick Kepron [USA]
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Cygnus Flare is a London-based trio with international roots (Arman Vardanyan, David Horler, Caroline Scott), creating unique flavors of progressive latin-jazz music. The name of the song was prophetic, as while submitting it, they were literally "Counting Seconds" to make it by the deadline.

Arman Vardanyan
Counting Seconds - Arman Vardanyan [UK] Jazz
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The 7 Notes music challenge by Serj Tankian has inspired Duddu to bring to life some of his projects by creating the band A Siege of Grey. Listen to “Country of Me” – a fun tribute to Serj Tankian and System of a Down.

Country of Me - Duddu [Romania] Rock
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Aurélien Tomasi is a saxophonist, clarinetist, composer, and arranger who leads the swing band Les Royal Pickles based in Canada. Listen to "La Danse du Pélican" – a wobbly waltz creating some asymmetric dances.

Aurélien Tomasi
La Danse du Pélican - Aurélien Tomasi [Canada]
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Reese Ortenberg is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and musician out of Long Island, who has professionally recorded an EP and is in the process of finishing his first solo album. Listen to "Seven" – a progressive rock composition by the 17-year-old musician.

Reese Ortenberg
Seven - Reese Ortenberg [USA] Rock
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Rigoberto Alvarado is a Nicaraguan musician influenced mainly by jazz, neo-soul, and rock. Because of the hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, Rigoberto recorded the song "The Love You Want" in under 24 hours.

Rigoberto Alvarado
The Love you Want - Rigoberto Alvarado [Nicaragua] Jazz
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Dawid Buras is a musician and composer who does not confine himself to just one genre of music. Listen to "The Escape" – a cinematic composition of unprecedented musical atmosphere and sound.

Dawid Buras
The Escape - Dawid Buras [Poland] Experimental
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Australian-based the Zela Margossian Quintet mainly performs original works composed by Zela Margossian. Listen to "Shounch" – a fusion of folk and jazz influenced by Armenian and Middle Eastern traditional music.

Zela Margossian
Shounch - Zela Margossian [Australia] Jazz
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Y$57 is a musician and producer from Miami who likes to experiment with house music, rap, trap, nu-metal, and rock. Listen to "Collateral Beauty" – a mixture of two personalities suddenly combined to make a beautiful art piece.

Y$57 [Santiago Vargas]
Collateral Beauty - Y$57 [Santiago Vargas] [USA] Hip-Hop / Rap
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Future biological engineer Artashes Baghdasaryan has a musical background as a pianist and saxophone player. Listen to "Prelude in C Moll" – a powerful classical piece from Armenia. 

Artashes Baghdasaryan
Prelude in c moll - Artashes Baghdasaryan [Armenia] Classical
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Suren Poghosov has studied Philosophy and Journalism, but he is passionate about music as he plays the guitar, sings and arranges music. Listen to "Forsaken Minds" – the collision of norms and the desire to create one's own heaven.

Suren Poghosov
Forsaken Mind - Suren Poghosov [Armenia] Rock
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Internationally recognized composer and violinist Ruben Aghiyan is a member of the Music Teacher’s Association of California and a recent member of the National Association of Composers/USA. Listen to “Meditation” – a journey to the universe of miracles and limitless imagination.

Ruben Aghiyan
Meditation - Ruben Aghiyan [USA] Classical
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David Currie is an Australian composer with the passion towards cinematic and orchestral music. Listen to "7 Note Concerto" an exploration and development of the 7 notes by Serj Tankian.

David Currie
7 Note Concerto - David Currie [Australia] Classical
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Armen Sahakyan and Roman Namalyan study together at Komitas State Conservatory of Yerevan. Listen to "Pursuit" – an interpretation of a sequence of themes confronting and pursuing each other and creating a rebellious mood.

Armen Sahakyan & Roman Namalyan
Pursuit - Armen Sahakyan, Roman Namalyan [Armenia] Experimental
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Gurur Bozkurt was a finalist of our 60-second film challenge. Listen to his composition "Limbo" – a Top 100 finalist in our Seven Notes Music Challenge.

Gurur Bozkurt
Limbo - Gurur Bozkurt [Turkey] Rock
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Singer-composer-producer Sergey Umroyan is the founder and the director of the Armenian National Music company and the executive director of QuarterTone. Listen to "Deliverance" – a revolt against all wars in the Middle East.

Sergey Umroyan
Deliverance - Sergey Umroyan [Armenia] Classical
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Artyom Manukyan & Dawatile Kiledjian compose in USA and France. Their HILA project was born in Los Angeles, and "Uncle Henry's Song" is their contribution to the 7 Notes Music Challenge. 

Artyom Manukyan & Dawatile Kiledjian
Uncle Henry's Song - Artyom Manukyan, Dawatile Kiledjian [USA] Jazz
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Yair Even-Haim is an Israeli composer, lyricist, vocalist, and a leader of the Screwup project. His song "Time Will Tell" was written in the span of 15 minutes to celebrate a friend’s 30th birthday. 

Yair Even-Haim
Time Will Tell - Yair Even-Haim [Israel] Rock
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Patricia Torres combines autobiographical songwriting with electronic landscapes with an ear to helping others in trouble. Listen to "Prototype" – a call to create and follow your own dreams. 

Patricia Torres
Prototype - Patricia Torres [USA] Electronic
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PapaFaxe (Martin Fuchs) is an Austria-based musician who has written more than 20 songs – but this is his first recording. Listen to "I’m alive" – a refugee's address to the Western world. 

PapaFaxe [Martin Fuchs]
I'm Alive - PapaFaxe/Martin Fuchs [Austria] Rock
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Greg Hosharian is a composer, conductor, and keyboardist who leads the Armenian Pops Orchestra, based in Los Angeles. Listen to "The Magic Sun" – an intersection of progressive rock, classical melodies, and jazz harmonies.

Greg Hosharian
The Magic Sun - Greg Hosharian [USA] Rock
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Alaztair Godfrey is an electronic music producer based in Melbourne, soon to release his first EP "Missing in Time." Listen to "Collective Consciousness" – an electronic response to Serj Tankian's challenge. 

Alaztair Godfrey
Collective Consciousness - Alaztair Godfrey [Australia]
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Andre Avanessian is a UK-based musician exploring orchestration and composing techniques across diverse styles. Listen to "The Forgotten" – a bold yet coherent blend of orchestral, rock, jazz fusion and electronic music.

Andre Avanessian
The Forgotten - Andre Avanessian [UK] Rock
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Agnesa & Arina are sisters from Armenia. Listen to "Mess" – a piece inspired by their admiration of George Gershwin and Dave Brubeck. ​

Arina & Agnesa Isahakyan
Mess - Arina & Agnesa Isahakyan [Armenia] Experimental
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Kostas Danaktsis is a guitar player from Greece and a founding member and chief songwriter of the heavy rock band "Astray." Listen to "Waves Lappin’ on My Boat" – a meditation on the dark power of bad thoughts. 

Kostas Danaktsis
Waves Lappin’ on My Boat - Kostas Kostas Danaktsis [Greece] Jazz
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Jonathan Gerow is a musician whose songs take on life, depression, and love. Listen to "Plugged in Sinn" – a devil-orchestrated game experienced by the artist. 

Jonathan Gerow
Plugged in Sinn - Jonathan Gerow [USA] Rock
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Noah Young studies Bassoon Performance and Sacred Music/Organ at Seton Hall University. Listen to "Fugue in C Minor" – a classical expression of the artist's passion for the baroque style. 

Noah Young
Fugue in C Minor - Noah Young [USA] Classical
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Ara Woland is a musician, actor, and filmmaker now living in the U.S. Listen to "Highlands" – a deeply rooted nostalgia for a time, a place, and a childhood lost in the clouds of memory.

Ara Woland
Highlands - Ara Woland [USA / Armenia] Rock
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Lithuanian musician Victoria (Vica Ro) plays piano and guitar, and sings as a means of relaxation. Listen to "Get out" – a song that was written 7 years ago and adjusted for the 7 Notes Challenge by Serj Tankian.

Viktorija Rogozina
Get Out - Viktorija Rogozina [Lithuania] Electronic
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Artemios Angelos Kyrtasoglou is a guitarist and bassist from Greece. He studies music technology and performs in pubs. Listen to "Homeless Mistress" – a quest beyond our comfort zones. 

Artemios Angelos Kyrtasoglou
Homeless Mistress - Artemios Angelos Kyrtasoglou [Greece] Rock
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